Tools & Resources

The team at For Health is constantly hard at work researching ways to improve the lives of all people, in all buildings, everywhere, every day. To help convey our findings and recommendations, we’ve created a variety of user-friendly tools, resources, guides and calculators to help people apply our research to their every-day lives.

Maximum CO2 Concentration Calculator

Supports the use of real-time carbon dioxide (CO2) sensors indoors to help evaluate ventilation rates in classrooms.

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COVID-19 Risk Calculator

Gain an understanding of how to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission in indoor environments.

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DIY Air Cleaner Guide

Learn about the basics of air cleaners and how you can make your own portable air cleaner.

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CoBE Tool

Quantify the health benefits of energy efficiency measures in buildings.

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Portable Air Cleaner Sizing Tool

Simplify decision-making around portable air cleaners for airborne disease transmission control.

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The AppLab platform helps you create your own custom research app, putting every aspect of conducting a study at your fingertips.

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