Tara Tyrrell is the Program Manager at the Healthy Buildings Program. She has worked at Harvard since 2014, working first for Dr. Robert Putnam at the Harvard Kennedy School, where she shepherded his book “Our Kids: The American Dream in Crisis” through the publishing phase and into a launch. She continued to grow at HKS, taking on work for Professors Jennifer Lerner, Roger Porter, and Asim Khwaja, working with them in the fields of Decision Science, Economic Public Policy, and International Development. She then launched the Homeland Security Project with Professor Juliette Kayyem at the Belfer Center of International Affairs, followed by their second launch of the Security and Global Health Project, also at Belfer. She served as their sole administrator for four years, hosting round tables and Forum events at the Institute of Politics, managing the inception, creation, and dissemination of white papers including the Homeland Security Paper Series, and finally a book, “Beyond 9/11: Homeland Security in the 21st Century.” 

In the immediate chaos following the COVID-19 shutdown, she pitched a weekly web series where experts could answer real questions from the public about the pandemic. “Questions from Quarantine” ran the length of the pandemic, which she wrote, produced, and hosted with Professor Juliette Kayyem and Dr. Margaret Bourdeaux of the Harvard Medical School. She now works full-time in the field of public health, in the hopes of continuing to answer questions from the public in a way that is easy to understand without sacrificing expertise. She holds a BA from Yale and an ALM from Harvard in Extension Studies: Business Management. She lives in Boston with her husband, Dr. Thomas Howard, and their dog, Stella.