Naila is a Master’s student in Environmental Health at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She is a National Academy of Engineering Grand Challenge Scholar who focused on restoring and improving urban infrastructure. Her research interests include the built environment, pollution, and environmental health disparities. Her previous research experience includes assisting on the GenX Exposure Study in North Carolina, studying non-iodine risk factors for thyroid disease in Armenia as an NIH MHIRT Fellow, presenting her independent research on trans-inclusive health care at the UNC System Universities at the 64th UN Commission on the Status of Women, and co-authoring a paper on lead and spices in NC. Naila recently graduated from North Carolina State University/UNC-Chapel Hill with a dual-degree in BS Biomedical Engineering and a second degree in BS Interdisciplinary Studies in Global Health Communication and Development from NCSU. Naila is a member of the USAID Donald M. Payne Fellowship Class of 2020. After her Master’s, she will work for five years at USAID as a Foreign Service Health Officer.