Anna Young is a research associate in the Department of Environmental Health and Associate Director of the Healthy Buildings program at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. Her research focuses on our indoor exposures to complex mixtures of hormone-disrupting chemicals and builds evidence for healthier materials as a strategy to reduce these chemical exposures in buildings. She has sought to advance novel exposure assessment methods for chemical mixtures, including investigations of hundreds of known and suspected chemicals in silicone wristband samplers worn by office workers, as well as in vitro assessments of hormonal bioactivities of chemical mixtures in indoor dust and silicone wristband samples. During covid-19, she has also led a cohort study to investigate how the home environment and home indoor air quality influence remote workers’ cognitive performance, productivity, and mental well-being while working from home. She earned her PhD and MS in Environmental Health from the Harvard Chan School, and she also holds a BA in Computer Science and Environmental Studies from Yale University.