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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a highly contagious respiratory illness impacting people around the world. Our team is actively monitoring the developing crisis, sharing facts and information from other experts and engaging in new research to help in the fight. Click below to visit our dedicated COVID-19 site and stay informed.

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Relevant Research: firehouses

Follow the most recent and relevant research from the Healthy Buildings Program that relates to coronavirus and infectious disease, as well as relevant contributions relating to infectious disease and the built environment.

Feb 15, 2021
Key Findings – PFAS Chemicals in Fire Station Dust
The dust samples from turnout gear locker areas had higher levels of several PFAS than the dust from the station living areas, and those PFAS were also detected on the turnout gear based on the wipe samples. Turnout gear may be an important source of exposure to certain PFAS for firefighters. View Research
Feb 5, 2021
Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and total fluorine in fire station dust
Turnout gear may be an important PFAS source in stations due to intentional additives and/or contamination from firefighting activities. View Research
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Jun 23, 2020
Another Pathway for Firefighter Exposure to Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances: Firefighter Textiles
Firefighter turnout gear was found to have high levels of total fluorine (up to 2%). Individual PFAS were identified and measured on new and used firefighting turnout gear. Because PFAS shed from turnout gear fabric are more mobile, they represent another viable exposure source for firefighters that warrants further study. View Research
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